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About Death Benefit & Withdraw from EPF

EPF encourages all members to nominate their beneficiaries early on, to enable member's next-of-kin to withdraw deceased EPF savings without complications. Member's dependent will also be considered for the Death Benefit to support them through this difficult time.

The Death Benefit is a gesture of compassion by the EPF to their member’s next-of-kin (under EPF’s discretion). A one-time payment of RM2,500 will be considered and awarded to any of the deceased member’s eligible dependents. (widow/widower, child, or member's parents subject to member's marital status). Applications should be made less than two (2) months after a member's death.

About Funeral & Dependants' Benefit from SOCSO

If an employee dies as a result of an employment injury, his dependants are entitled to this benefit. The daily rate is 90% of the average assumed daily wage subject to a minimum of RM30.00 per day and a maximum of RM118.50 per day.

Funeral Benefit will be paid to the eligible person if the employee dies as a result of employment injury or while he/she is in receipt of Permanent Disablement Benefit. In the absence of such person, the benefit will be paid to the person who actually incurs the funeral expenditure. The amount paid will be the actual amount incurred or RM2,000 whichever is lower.

About Real Property Gains Tax

According to the Real Property Gains Tax Act 1976, RPGT is a form of Capital Gains Tax in Malaysia levied by the Inland Revenue (LHDN). It is chargeable upon profit made from the sale of your land or real property, where the resale price is higher than the purchase price. RPGT is not applicable if the disposal price of a property is deemed equal to or lower than the acquisition price. It is only chargeable if there is a profit gain from the disposal of the real property.

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